Geodesign Barriers – worth their weight in gold

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The weather during 2015 and 2016 so far has shown that Geodesign Barriers are proving their worth, not least in the river Severn valley in England. Since 2004, the barrier have been deployed frequently in various towns along the river Severn, which, with its 220 miles is the longest river in the UK. It has its origins in the Welsh mountains, crosses the border into England and ends its journey in the Bristol Channel.

Figures released on 19 January shows it has cost about £45,000 so far to protect Shropshire’s homes from flooding in terms of deployment costs. This means good value for money as the average insurance claim for just one single home is about £50,000.

As this article in Shropshire Star mentions, it is not just a case of preventing the flood water from ruining the properties. It is also vital to keep towns open for business. When people see the devastating footage on the news, they’d be forgiven for trying to avoid the areas. But with temporary barriers, homes and businesses can be kept open, roads passable and infrastructure functioning. This means tourism and trade can go on as usual. Compare that, to home- and business owners having to spend more than a year drying out and struggling to get compensation from insurance companies.

And – with its robust construction, high quality steel and long lifespan, Geodesign Barriers can be used again and again and again… 


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