A high capacity flood pump, designed for demanding flooding situations

Pump capacity of 100 litres / s
– Designed to prevent clogging
– Suction strainer at the bottom. No need for a suction hose.
– Floatation ring
– Petrol engine. No electricity needed.

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Designed for flooding situations

The SUPERTWIN 6000P is a high capacity flood pump, developed and constructed for flooding situations. The pumping capacity of 100 litres per second combined with its small size makes ST6000P unique on the market. Regular high capacity pumps are designed to produce a high pressure flow. This is favorable in some cases but flooding situationsrequire high flow and low pressure, since this is the quickest and most efficient way to move large volumes a short distance. ST6000P is constructed and optimized in this way, therefore making it a highly efficient flood pump.

Designed to prevent clogging

SUPERTWIN6000P are also designed to handle particles and dirt typically seen in flood water. This kind of water can cause regular pumps to clog. To avoid this, the ST6000P pump house has been designed with a wider space for the water to flow through, hence preventing it to clog.

The floatation ring

The floatation ring makes it possible to place SUPERTWIN6000P in water and start pumping immediately. Compared to regular pumps placed on the ground, there is no need to connect a reinforced suction hose. This saves time and eliminates possible errors connected to setting up a pump with a suction hose. The floatation ring can easily be removed for transportation.

Pumping capacity per hour
Fuel consumtion per hour
Total weight with floating ring
Time it takes to pump a 2 metre deep 10x6 metre swimming pool


The SUPERTWIN 6000P use a 22 hp strong petrol engine, GXV660 from Honda, to operate. By using a petrol engine, the need for electricity is eliminated. In emergency situations mobile generators are often used to produce electricity, but they are big and impractical, hence making electricity pumps limited. With a diesel engine, the pump becomes mobile and can be placed anywhere.

Technical specifications

Capacity: 6,000 LPM
Engine: HONDA GXV660, 16kW / 21,5 hp at 3600 rpm
Fuel: Petrol, 14 liter tank, 5,3 l/h fuel consumption
Battery: 12 V
Frame: Electro coated zink, adjustable in height for various conditions
Weight: 205 kg (223 kg with floatation ring)
Outlet: 150 mm
Suction strainer openings: 12 mm
Adjustable in height: – 200 mm to + 40 mm
Measurement (L x W x H): 825 x 600 x 1170 mm, ø 1450 mm with floating ring