British Authorities Ramp Up Winter Flood Defenses with 40 km of Barriers and Military Assistance (1)

UK Ramps Up Winter Defences with Barriers and Military Aid

The Southwest braces for winter, with the Environment Agency unveiling its innovative Geodesign Barriers. This adaptable solution marks a significant step forward in flood management. Read more and watch the video to learn more about this proactive initiative.


Location: Southwest England, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environment Agency

Multi-agency partners are collaborating across the southwest of England in preparation for the upcoming winter flooding season. The Environment Agency has procured a significant quantity of Geodesign Barriers, pioneering a new approach to flood control.

The main feature of these barriers is their temporary and adaptable nature. Unlike traditional demountable barriers that are fixed to specific and highly engineered infrastructure alongside river banks, Geodesign Barriers offer a more versatile solution. They can be rapidly deployed to any location, providing instant relief during unpredicted flooding events.

In preparation for the winter, the Environment Agency is conducting familiarisation training with military troops. These troops, numbering around 1,200 soldiers from three distinct units based in the north, southwest, and southeast, will be on standby. The units are at a 24-hour notice, ready to assist in the event of a crisis.

In terms of resources, the agency's preparedness is commendable. "We've acquired 40 kilometers of these barriers," said an Environment Agency spokesperson. Moreover, in addition to the military's 1,200 troops, they have their own workforce and contractors to assist in barrier installations and other necessary flood control measures.

Last year's collaboration with the military yielded positive results. The successful joint effort highlighted the need for more temporary flood barriers, leading to the recent procurement of the Geodesign Barriers.

These barriers, along with the agency's systematic approach to monitoring river levels, rainfall forecasts and provide flood warnings represent a holistic strategy towards flood management. It underscores not only the agency's commitment to flood control but also the innovative, temporary solutions being adopted in the face of increasing environmental challenges.

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