Enhanced Flood Protection in Leatherhead – Geodesign P101 Barriers Deployed

Enhanced Flood Protection: Geodesign's P101 Barrier in Leatherhead

As part of the ongoing flood prevention measures in Surrey, Leatherhead witnesses the deployment of Geodesign's Industrial P101 temporary Flood Barriers, offering reinforced protection to local homes and businesses.


Location: Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environment Agency

In a proactive move towards flood management, Leatherhead in Surrey saw the installation of 340 meters of the Environment Agency’s Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood barrier. The temporary barrier provided enhanced protection against potential flooding to as many as 28 homes and businesses located in Minchin Close and Emlyn Lane.

Leatherhead, historically known as a market town on the right bank of the River Mole, is no stranger to flooding concerns. The town's proximity to the river, coupled with changing weather patterns, has meant the town has been susceptible to flooding for many years.

Enhanced Flood Protection in Leatherhead – Geodesign P101 Barriers Deployed – 2

Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood barrier fortify Leatherhead, Surrey, protecting 28 residences and businesses in areas identified as flood-prone.

Emlyn Lane and Minchin Close, both residential areas in the town, have been identified as zones at potential risk. The decision to deploy the Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood barrier here is based on careful assessment and is a testament to the Environment Agency's commitment to support Leatherhead's residents and businesses by enhancing their temporary flood protection.

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