Charleville Breathes Easy Behind Geodesign Barriers’ Levee

Charleville Breathes Easy Behind Geodesign Barriers' Levee

In an extraordinary display of resilience and innovation, the town of Charleville has successfully defended itself against severe flooding, thanks to the rapid deployment of the Geodesign Barriers' Flood Barrier. The temporary barrier, commonly referred to as "the levee," has been credited with preventing widespread water damage and has become a symbol of the town's triumph over adversity.


Location: Charleville, South-west Queensland, Australia
Model: Heavy Duty
Client: Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ)

In the aftermath of the floods that besieged Charleville, a story of triumph has emerged, with the Geodesign Barriers' Flood Barrier playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the town. Often referred to as "the levee," this critical infrastructure was instrumental in the town's defence against the rising waters of the Warrego River.

Watch the defining moments as Charleville confronts the flood: This local news clip captures the anticipation and eventual triumph as the Geodesign Barriers' levee holds firm against the Warrego River, safeguarding the heart of the community.

The success of Charleville's flood defence is a testament to the rapid response and expertise of the Geodesign Barrier team, particularly Clay Griffin, whose leadership was crucial in the barrier's timely deployment. In his role as a representative for Geodesign Barriers, Griffin and his team worked alongside local volunteers through the night to construct the barrier, with the community's unwavering support.


"The levee bank that they had here, this played a critical part in how things went today... it did its job and it held back the tide,"


reported Phil Wilmington from ABC News, highlighting the barrier's role in the town's victory over the flood.

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Clay Griffin, representative for Geodesign Barriers, stands proudly before the flood barrier system—affectionately known as 'the levee'—whose steadfast presence along the Warrego River provided the crucial defence against Charleville's floodwaters.

The resilience of the Geodesign Barriers' levee was recognised by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during his visit to Charleville. The town's residents, once braced for the worst, found relief and gratitude in the barrier's steadfast performance.


"It really has saved our bacon this time,"


a local resident remarked, a sentiment that resonated throughout the community.

The collective efforts in Charleville, underscored by the Geodesign Barriers' Flood Barrier and the exemplary work of Clay Griffin and his team, were acknowledged with an award from the Queensland Department of Emergency Services. This recognition highlighted the innovative and collaborative response to the flood crisis, which saw the levee become the town's salvation, as noted by the premier of Queensland.

As Charleville moves past the crisis, the town's experience stands as a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of the Geodesign Barriers' levee and the power of community in the face of adversity. "Pretty soon it will be business as usual, but they won't forget an historic day. They put the F word behind them," concluded Wilmington, marking a day when Charleville, backed by the strength of the Geodesign Barriers' levee, turned the tide against nature's challenge.

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