Geodesign Barriers Aid in Flood Management in Bradford-on-Avon, West Wiltshire

Geodesign Barriers Enhance Flood Management in Bradford

In response to heightened river levels in the picturesque town of Bradford-on-Avon, the Environment Agency took swift action by deploying 50m of the Geodesign P101 Steel Barrier. The temporary flood barrier was strategically placed at Bullpit to safeguard against potential flooding from the river Avon.

Publicerad 2022-10-18


Location: Bradford-on-Avon, West Wiltshire, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environment Agency

Flooding is not a new phenomenon to residents of the Roman town of Bradford-on-Avon, nestled in West Wiltshire. The river Avon has always been liable to burst its banks. The Avon rises quickly with heavy rainfall and usually falls just as quickly after a brief flood. What stands out in this town is its dedicated group of volunteers. The Bradford-on-Avon Town Council Community Emergency Volunteers exemplify a strong community spirit in times of potential crisis. Always at the ready, these volunteers remain vigilant 24/7, particularly when the Geodesign Barrier is in place.

Working in shifts, they ensure the barrier's safety and continuously monitor river levels, providing real-time updates. Their dedication extends to sharing photographs and status updates on social media, keeping the community informed and connected.

During some deployments, the barrier has remained untouched by the flood water and only in place for a brief period, whereas on other occasions, there has been water against the barrier. Whether the barrier gets wet or not –  its mere presence gives residents and businesses a much needed sense of security and assurance.

Geodesign Barriers Aid in Flood Management in Bradford-on-Avon, West Wiltshire – 2

The Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood Barrier stands vigilant in Bradford-on-Avon, a testament to community preparedness and advanced flood management measures. 

Bradford-on-Avon's preparedness showcases how communities can come together to mitigate potential threats.

Collaborative measures between governmental bodies, local authorities and community volunteers, using innovative solutions like the Geodesign P101 temporary flood barrier, stand as a reminder that with foresight, technology, and community spirit, flooding can be prevented and resilience prevail.

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