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Geodesign Barriers protect local business owners in Ironbridge

Flat packed – for easy storage

Quick and easy to erect – no tools or fixtures needed

Effectively deployed in water

For private properties and vital infrastructure

“This is just like Meccano!”
-David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The Geodesign A-Frame Flood Barrier
20 years of versatile protection

Quality and Protection
our #1 priority

A long proven record of successful uses


EUR101 Steel barrier

The EUR101 Steel barrier is the latest member of the Geodesign Barriers’ product range. It’s a low priced, light and quick flood barrier. Designed to meet the need of large scale flooding operations.

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A simple, fast and reliable solution to a recurring problem. Geodesign Barriers uses reinforced high strength steel, aluminum sheets and a waterproof membrane to create flood barriers and coffer dams up to 2.40 m.

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100% Success Rate

67 kilometers sold. Countless of miles used and reused. The Geodesign Barrier has a perfect track record and has never failed in action.

In all Terrains

The flexibility of the barrier, with corners, extensions to higher dam heights, adjustable sections, friction collars and connections to walls makes the barrier suitable for any terrain and any type of ground surfaces.

A Solid Investment

The underlying structure of durable high strength steel gives this robust and reusable barrier a lifespan of 50 years and means less risk of vandalism and damage from floating debris. Pays off after just one flood, with an even greater investment over time. Could potentially also lower your property insurance costs.

 “The defences we have chosen are the most versatile on the market, which is precisely what we need in Osney, and they have already been proven successful in other parts of the country.”

Rob Alexander Flood Risk Manager, UK Environment Agency

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“We would not have bought the White Hart if it had not been for the security of the flood barrier. The site would not be viable without the protection it offers.” 

– Alex Nicoll, White Hart, Ironbridge

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Geodesign Barriers have been designed for flood rescue operations under the most difficult conditions imaginable and also to be used for advanced coffer damming in civil engineering work. Over the years, the barriers have been used in many demanding situations, protecting vital infrastructure. Below are just some of our references.

Wattle Farm, New Zealand

Charlesville, Australia

Witney, Oxfordshire, UK

Upton upon Severn, UK

Membre and Vresse-sur-Semois, Belgium

Ironbridge, UK

Arvika, Sweden

Cologne, Germany


Grand Prix Geneva

The International jury awarded the highest distinction for “Aqua Barrier”, an ingenious pallet system designed to stop floods, developed by Sten-Magnus Kullberg, a civil engineer specializing in problems specifically linked to water. Mr Kullberg was also awarded a special prize by the Russian delegation.


Nova Award

The NOVA Awards honoured the Pallet Barrier Flood Fighting, developed by Sten-Magnus Kullberg of Geodesign AB. The Pallet Barrier uses a system of folding steel supports that can form a line in any direction and follow ground contours vertically and horizontally. The system, which can be erected almost 50 times quicker than sandbagging, is currently being used for flood protection in Sweden, Holland, and Germany.

Inventor of the Year

In 2002, the civil engineer Sten-Magnus Kullberg of Geodesign AB was given the Swedish Inventor of the Year-award, by the Swedish Inventors Association, for his temporary flood barrier construction. The invention was finalised in the summer of 1995 and application for patent was submitted in August 1995.


BSI Kitemark

Geodesign Barriers has been awarded the BSI Kitemark PAS 1188-2:2009. The BSI Kitemark is a widely recognized quality symbol in the UK, awarded by BSI (the British Standards Institution).
As the first temporary barrier company, Geodesign Barriers received the license at its launch ceremony on 22 May, 2003, in Wallngford, UK.

Forces TV coverage of flood brigade training.

The British Army conducting training of the Geodesign EUR101 Barrier as part of a bigger multi-agency command exercise to fight flooding.

The newly developed EUR 101 Barrier has fewer parts and is more cost effective for dam heights of 1 meter and below.

Metres sold
Countries actively working with Geodesign Barriers Flood Defence

"The trial erection was very quick and easy - it took about 1.5hrs. We had some support from our Midlands workforce in putting up the barriers for the trial run, but last week it was put up on our own. I am told the process went very smoothly and that we were very pleased with how easy it went up."

− John Buttivant, Coastal Engineer UK Environment Agancy

"It is reassuring to know that a tried and tested temporary solution is on hand for the next high tides on 26th December."

− Sedgemoor, UK, District Council’s website on Geodesign Barriers

"We hope the success of the temporary defences at Ironbridge and Worcester, in particular, will encourage other local authorities to work with us to protect their communities from flooding in the future."

− John Fitzsimons, Regional Flood Defence Manager Ironbridge, UK Environment Agancy


  • All parts weigh less than 50 lbs each
  • Easy, logical assembling
  • Ten men can assemble 100 metres of 125-barrier in 1 hour

Time is always of the essence when flooding strikes. Geodesign Barriers can be installed by one man and a forklift as no part of the system weighs more than 50 pounds. With more personnel and a few loading trucks, an entire city can be protected in just hours. The assembling is easy and follows a logical step-by-step procedure, making it suitable for larger work forces with limited training.


  • Go over infrastructural obstacles

Both urban infrastructure and rural conditions often feature uneven ground and solid obstacles in the way of the sought after barrier line. With the flexibility of Geodesign’s adjustable rods and wing plates, special sections can easily be created that allows the barrier to climb the obstacles or shifts in levels and continue on its path without interruptions.


  • Withstands pressure
  • Withstands erosion on dry side

It is of the utmost importance for any flood barrier to withstand full water pressure and over topping. The nature of floods and rising water levels is very unpredictable and a collapsing barrier can cause great damages and injuries. Geodesign Barriers are carefully engineered and soundly constructed to stand strong even when water is flowing over the top. Due to the hole punched friction collars and the large bottom beam the barrier handles erosion on the dry side safely and without loosing stability.


  • Connections to walls
  • Connections to other Geodesign Barriers

The Geodesign Barrier can be assembled from different starting points and easily be connected with each other, using our adjustable rods and wing plates. When needed, the barrier can be deployed and built with a starting point near a wall or other solid structure without any risk of leakage, due to our GB Wall Fasteners that helps seal the membrane tight.


  • Inner and outer corners
  • Turns 90 degrees

When protecting a building or certain infrastructure, there is often a need to make turns and go around corners without creating weak spots and giving in to the water pressure and the tremendous forces pushing onto the barrier from the flooded side. The Geodesign Barrier has the flexibility to turn gradually with every plate section and 90 degrees using corner sections, giving the barrier endless possibilities to protect an urban area with housing and commercial buildings.


  • Extendable to prevent over topping
  • Up to 2.40 m

In the event of surprisingly fast rising flood levels, all Geodesign Barriers can be extended to further dam heights up to 8 feet. With Geodesign’s extension supports at close proximity, a quick installment lets you build the barrier higher to stop more water.

Proven. Secure. Reliable.

Sound engineering, extensive testing, regular audits and a 20 year proven track record.