EUR101 Steel Barrier

A low priced, light and quick flood barrier from Geodesign. Designed to meet the need of large scale flooding operations.

– Dam height 1.01 metre
– Quick and easy to deploy
– Low storage volume
– Self anchoring. No ground work needed.
– Low priced

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Quick, light and economical

The EUR101 Steel barrier is the latest member of the Geodesign Barriers’ product range. Designed to meet the needs of large scale flooding operations. The system consists of a metal support, a metal sheet and a plastic membrane. The metal supports are held together by the steel sheet that is locked onto the support. This makes the system quicker, lighter and more economical than those of its competitors.

Unfolding the EUR101 metal support

Building the test basin

Deployment of straight barrier

Deployment of an outer corner

Deployment of an inner corner

Barrier level adjustment

Barrier under wave load

Overtopping of barrier

How it works

The barrier is self anchoring due to its angle and the ground friction, helped by the metal collars underneath the bottom beam. The more acute angle of the EUR101 enhances the anchoring force and makes the EUR101 one of the most firmly anchored systems on the market.

Quick to deploy. Low storage volume.

The EUR101 flood defence system consists of only five different parts. This makes it easy and quick to set up. 15 persons can easily deploy 1000 m in one hour. The simplicity of the construction also reduces the storage volume. 1000 m of EUR101 Steel barrier can be stored in 60m3.

Manufactured in high strength quality steel

The EUR101 is made of new, high strength low alloy steel for cold forming, produced by SSAB. The steel 420LADZ275, gets its high strength from the addition of very small quantities of alloying elements, making it twice as strong as standard steel.

Dam height
Deployed in 1 hour by 15 people
Total weight per metre
Storage volume for 50 m


EUR101 Test – Inspecta report

Inspecta is the leading provider of inspection, testing, certification and technical consultancy services in Northern Europe. Geodesign contracted Inspecta to verify a test of the new EUR101 Steel barrier. The purpose was to see if the barrier could withstand the pressure of extreme flooding scenarios. Inspecta’s report concluded that the EUR101 Steel barrier is well suited for the most extreme flooding conditions and that overtopping or moving water does not affect the stability of EUR101 Steel Barrier.

The test was carried out on 28 September, 2015 in Västervik, Sweden.

Technical specifications


Dam height

1.01 m



EN 10292:2000 Continuously hot-dip alu-zink coated strip and sheet of steels with higher yield strength for cold forming. This has double the strength compared to that of standard steel.



10.6 kg/support
27.3 kg/m (Total, including chain)


Metal support

Dimensions: 1142mm x 242mm x 62mm (folded (l x w x h)), 1142mm x 242mm x 1003mm (unfolded (l x w x h)) Continuously hot-dip alu-zink coated strip and sheet of steel quality 420LADZ275


Plastic membrane

Reinforced polypropylene 3-layer, weight 25.9kg, 3.7m wide x 50m long.


Sealer clip

One sealer clip per section, to fasten the plastic membrane.



One (5m x 12mm) length of chain along the outer edge, wrapped in plastic membrane and secured by cable ties.



Size 1100mm x 1306 x 1.0mm. Continuously hot-dip alu-zink coated strip and sheet of steel quality DOGAL1000DPXZ275. Weight: 12.8 kg/sheet