Features & Benefits

20 years of flood fighting experience has taught us a thing or two of what’s important when deploying temporary flood defences. We know from experience that a flood barrier needs to be flexible in order to adapt to local conditions. It needs to cope with both overtopping and floating debris. Plus, it needs to be quick and easy to deploy.

Our knowledge – and important customer feedback – have been incorporated into the production of Geodesign Barriers. The result is a temporary flood barrier that can cope with the most demanding flooding scenarios – and which therefore also has a perfect track record. With its flat packed design, the Geodesign Barriers have been likened to Meccano, LEGO and IKEA . We don’t mind the comparison, since it illustrates many of Geodesign Barriers’ features and benefits.

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Bends & Corners

  Inner and outer corners
Create 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° or 90° corners with Geodesign Barriers corner elements

Whether protecting private homes, business properties or critical infrastructure, there is usually a need to go around corners. It’s important to ensure these angles don’t become weak spots when the flood water starts putting pressure onto the barrier. The Geodesign Barrier is flexibel enough to make wide, gradual bends by using only standard straight sections. For more acute angles, you simply use the corner sections to create 30º, 45º, 60º, 75º, or 90º degree corners. These give the barrier almost unlimited possibilities to protect vulnerable areas in both urban and rural areas.

Quick and easy to assemble

  No part weighs more than 23kg
115 persons can assemble 1,000 m of the EUR101-barrier in 1 hour
Easy to understand. No tools needed.

Time is of the essence when flooding strikes. If needed, Geodesign Barriers can be installed by one person and – depending on the type of barrier – a forklift, as no part of the system weighs more than 23 kg. With more people and a few lorriesan entire city can be protected in just hours. The assembly is very easy and follows a logical step-by-step procedure.


Extends in steps – from 0.65m to 1.25m, 1.80m and 2.40m
The extension can be deployed later on, as and when needed
Extensions are adaptable to other types of Geodesign Barrier-systems

For fast rising flood levels, all Geodesign Barriers can be extended to protect against dam heights up to 2.40m. With our extension supports at close proximity, you can quickly create a higher barrier when needed.

Uneven ground

How to deal with obstacles

Flood barrier deployments often involve uneven ground of various kinds – and obstacles such as kerbs, traffic calming measures, lamp posts, fences, drain covers that need to be kept uncovered etc. In both urban and rural areas, you need to adapt. It is quite rare to get away with forming a straight, flat barrier line. With Geodesign’s ‘adjustable kits’ (corner elements and adjustable connection rods), special sections can easily be created that allow the barrier to overcome the obstacles or shifts in levels. With our adjustable kits at hand, youre not short of a practical solution to your problem.


  Connections to walls
Connections to other types of Geodesign Barriers

You can start deploying two Geodesign Barriers from different starting points and then easily connected them with each other, using our adjustable rods and wing plates. When needed, the barrier can be connected to a wall or other solid structure with little risk of leakage, thanks to our GB Wall Attachments which ensure a tight membrane seal.

Challenging ground conditions

Can be placed on soggy ground thanks to a wide bottom beam
Friction collars help to prevent sliding

The force onto the barrier from the flood water is being distributed through the supporting beam and onto the large surface of the bottom beam. This means lower ground pressure and prevents the support from sinking into the ground on loose soil. Under the support, the collars with their jagged ends add to the friction and prevent the barrier from sliding.

Over topping

  Withstands high pressure
Withstands any erosion on the ‘dry’ side

It is of the utmost importance for any flood barrier to cope with full water pressure and over topping. The nature of floods and rising water levels is very unpredictable and a collapsing barrier can cause great damage.Geodesign Barriers have been carefully engineered and soundly constructed to stand strong even when water is overflowing. Due to the hole punched friction collars and the large bottom beam, the barrier handles erosion on the ‘dry’ side very well.

Robust and strong

Withstands hits from debris
Very difficult to vandalise
A membrane puncture does not mean a collapsed barrier

Floating debris is a common sight in flood water. Various objects can easily rip the membrane when floating alongside the barrier and sometimes, even hitting it head-on. Not only can the barrier withstand the normal flood water pressure, the strong metal structure of the Geodesign Barriers even allows for further forces. This means debris can impact – but the barrier will still stand strong. Any rip in the membrane can easily be patched by applying a new layer of membrane on top of it. The whole system will not collapse just because the membrane has been punctured. Any water trickling through can be controlled by increasing the pump capacity behind the barrier, until the rip has been repaired. Thanks to the strong steel and solid structure of the Geodesign Barriers, the risk of vandalism has been significantly reduced.

Flat-packed design

300 m of the EUR125-barrier (incl. Flood pumps) in one 20 ft shipping container
Durable and stackable storage crates

Geodesign Barriers are designed to take up minimum space when stored. They can be delivered on pallets or in durable metal crates. Our GB Metal Crate is stackable up to six crates high, allowing you to save considerably on storage space.  For flash flooding hot spots, our standard GB Flood Emergency Container can hold 300 m of the EUR125 Steel Barrier, with plastic membrane etc – and two flood pumps. Depending on what is needed locally, the container can be tailored to suit your  needs. Everything you need for a quick emergency deployment can be ready to go, in that on-site container. Part from being more eco-friendly due to smaller volumes on the road, our compact, colour-coded storage system also means a faster flood emergency response and easier logistics.

Long life span

Life span of 55+ years
Swedish reinforced double steel

The steel quality and state-of-the-art CNC-manufacturing guarantees a life span of at least 50 years. In addition to great strength and reliable durability, the Geodesign Barrier is a good investment over time. Depending on its state and your preferences, you can either wash off the membrane and reuse it – or recycle it and purchase more. If stored correctly, the Geodesign Barrier system has a long life cycle and will provide decades of protection.