Elemental Flood Barrier

Efficient design for Elemental Flood Protection.

The Elemental is designed with practicality in mind, catering to dam heights of 0.41m and 0.61m. Flash floods can be disruptive, but with the Elemental's two-part metal design, setting up lengthy flood barriers becomes straightforward and timely. For storage concerns, it's worth noting that up to 1 km of the Elemental can fit neatly into a 20 ft container.

Elemental Flood Barrier 3D-model

Elemental Flood Barrier: Advanced Protection, Simple at its Core

Elemental is meticulously crafted to offer robust protection against floodwaters rising up to 61 cm. It showcases a streamlined design comprising just two components: a durable metal support and a metal sheet. Unlike its counterpart in the Geodesign product series, there's no need to unfold supports; simply position them.

This efficient design facilitates rapid installation over extended lengths, ensuring timely flood prevention. Beyond merely acting as a barrier against rising water, Elemental is adept at managing the rush of water during events like flash floods – a common occurrence in urban areas due to water accumulation on streets.

But the utility of Elemental doesn't stop at flood protection. Its versatile design allows for the creation of reservoirs for various liquids. Owing to its adaptive nature, it can be molded into diverse shapes and sizes for temporary containment needs. Furthermore, Elemental promises convenience in storage: 50 meters of the system occupies just 1 m^2, and a 1km barrier can be neatly packed into a standard 20 ft container.

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ISO 9001 – 14001
Elemental Flood Barrier_E41

Dam height 41 cm

E41 Elemental

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 0.41 m
Section width:
100 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
30 min
(With poly liner)
100 cm
(Only barrier)
42 cm
Weight / section: 10 kg
Storage vol, weight:
(One set, 50 sections)
0.8 m3, x.x tonnes
Elemental Flood Barrier_E61

Dam height 61 cm

E61 Industrial

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 0.61 m
Section width:
100 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
20 min
(With poly liner)
200 cm
(Only barrier)
70 cm
Weight / section: 14 kg
Storage vol, weight:
(One set, 33 sections)
1.35 m3, x.x tonnes

"Last week's training for our instructors was a great success. The feedback from this enthusiastic group was unambiguous, we made the right choice with Geodesign Barriers. It is suitable for use everywhere and therefore also in difficult circumstances because the flexibility is higher than other systems."

- Juus Teensma @ Crisis management specialist, Waterschap Limburg

Overcoming Challenges.
Embracing Flexibility.

The Elemental Flood Barrier is ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate with any landscape, effortlessly contouring around permanent obstructions in its path. With our innovative corner panels, a versatile wall connection kit, and intrinsic system flexibility, the Elemental Flood Barrier stands robust, reliable, and ready to tackle any challenge.


Adjustable section

Whether you're meeting midway from two ends or targeting a precise endpoint, our design allows for intuitive adjustments. Simply overlap two panels and secure them at one end with the mount button lock.


Uneven ground

From curbs and steps to the unpredictability of uneven terrains, the use of thin high-strength steel sheets ensures the barrier remains steadfast and effective, adapting effortlessly to varied landscapes.



Our meticulously crafted corner panels enable sharp 45-degree inner and outer bends, making angular adjustments a breeze.


Attachment to walls

Align your barrier flawlessly against a wall. Our specialized wall connection kit ensures a secure attachment to any vertical foundation, all while reducing water seepage to a minimum.



The Elemental Flood Barrier isn't just versatile with its own kin. It's equally adaptable with our taller Industrial series, expanding its scope of utility.



Even with straight sections, our barrier boasts the ability to gracefully curve with a generous 90-degree turn and a radius of 10 meters—once again highlighting the modular design's flexibility and the efficiency of our thin steel panels.

EffortlessInstallation for Robust Protection.

The Elemental Flood Barrier, the most compact offering in Geodesign's product range, combines engineering precision with user-friendly design. Crafted for swift and simple installation, it does away with the need for tools, heavy machinery, or a large team. This advanced steel barrier emerges as the go-to choice for those not only aiming to counteract rising waters during floods but also desiring to efficiently direct water flow in urban areas during unexpected flash floods.

Elemental Setup_0000_Step 1

Step 1. Position the Metal Supports

Efficiently set the supports at intervals of 100 cm, delineating the desired path of the barrier.

Elemental Setup_0001_Step 2

Step 2. Mount Steel Panels

Simply align the panel cutouts with the prominent mount knobs on the supports. Overlap adjacent panels for a seamless fit.

Elemental Setup_0002_Step 3

Step 3. Layer with Poly Membrane

Unroll the poly membrane across the barrier's length and secure it using spring clamps. In windy conditions, enhance stability by adding chain ballasts.

Elemental Setup_0003_Step 4

Step 4. Self-Anchoring Through Water

Allow incoming flood water to make contact with the poly membrane and the barrier's surface. The barrier ingeniously uses the force of the water to anchor itself securely in place.

Innovative Design & Features: Unveiling the Elemental Series Flood Barrier

The Elemental Series encompasses two modular steel flood barriers, each crafted with sections of tilted panels capable of halting floodwaters up to 61 cm. The E-barrier not only offers swift and straightforward deployment but also boasts optimal logistical features and an extended durability. Designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of governmental rapid flood protection, it's compact enough to fit comfortably within a typical homeowner's garage or garden shed. This robust steel barrier is erected swiftly, anchors itself, and resolutely stands against rapid water currents and overflows.

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Elemental Flood Barrier Design Features_0000_Friction collars

1. Anchor Collars with Enhanced Grip

Beneath the bottom beam, protruding steel collars are strategically placed to secure a grip, enhancing the friction between the self-anchored barrier and the ground surface.

Elemental Flood Barrier Design Features_0001_Mount button

2. Mount Knob for Quick Panel Lock

A smart, innovative solution that accelerates assembly while boosting flexibility.


3. Lightweight yet Durable Steel Panel

Weighing just 7 kg per E61-panel, this 1 mm hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is both user-friendly and storage-efficient. Crafted from Dual Phase Steel by SSAB in Sweden, it offers superior tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

Elemental Flood Barrier Design Features_0002_Spring clamp

4. Industrial-Grade Spring

Clamps Highly effective spring clamps exert a powerful grip, ensuring the poly membrane remains firmly in place.

Elemental Flood Barrier Design Features – 3D Overview

5. Optimized Poly Membrane

Our high-density polyethylene membrane, enhanced with laminate coating, is designed to minimize leakage and amplify its self-anchoring prowess.

6. Space-Saving Stackable Supports

Triangular barrier supports are designed for stacking, drastically reducing storage space. Their reclined front incorporates a mount knob for rapid assembly, while the bottom anchor wings feature sharp collars to provide maximum ground friction.

7. Ultra High-Strength Steel Components

All pivotal components of the Elemental Barrier are crafted from high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel with micro-alloy elements. Every steel piece undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process with a zinc coating, ensuring corrosion protection.

8. Galvanized Steel Chains with Carabiners

These 5 mm x 5 m chains not only serve as ballast but also ensure the membrane remains grounded before the water reaches the barrier.

Elemental storage

Optomized storageSolution

The Elemental Flood Barrier boasts a stackable design, ensuring space-efficient storage and swift transportation readiness for flood situations. A span of 50 meters, divided into 50 sections, of the Elemental Flood Barrier occupies a mere 1.3 m^2. For those seeking peak efficiency, the Elemental can be packed in our custom-designed metal crates. This meticulous design allows a staggering 1000 meters of the Elemental barrier to fit snugly within a standard 20-foot container.

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