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Industrial-Scale Flood Protection Made Easy.

The Industrial Flood Barrier is expertly engineered to achieve the ideal balance between speed, simplicity, and functionality. Using advanced sheet metal technology from Swedish SSAB, which is trusted by the automotive industry, our components are lightweight and exceptionally durable.

Designed with efficiency in mind, everything needed for 50 meters of flood protection is conveniently packed into a specially crafted metal cage, taking up only 2 square meters of space. This innovative design makes our flood protection system perfectly suited for large-scale applications.

Industrial Flood Barrier 3D-model

Industrial Flood Barrier: Easy, Flexible Major Flood Defense

Geodesign's Industrial Flood Barrier is a highly effective solution for protecting large areas from flooding in a short amount of time. Available in four different models - 121 cm, 101 cm, 81 cm, and 61 meters - our system can be easily combined to create a customized solution tailored to the topography of any site.

The Industrial Flood Barrier consists of two main metal components: a barrier support and a metal sheet covered in a plastic membrane. This unique design enables fast installation without the need for tools, heavy equipment, or a large workforce. The barrier's ingenious simplicity has made it a favorite among government entities for its logistical advantages.

Our Industrial series is designed for convenience and efficiency, offering compact storage with all necessary components for a 50-meter linear length optimized into a single, stackable metal crate. This streamlined approach allows for easy transport and deployment, making our Industrial series an ideal solution for large-scale flood protection.

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European Patent No
FM ANSI 2510
ISO 9001 – 14001
US Patent No
BSI Kitemark PAS 1188

Dam height 61 cm

P61 Industrial

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 0.61 m
Section width:
100 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
35 min
(With poly liner)
184 cm
(Only barrier)
57 cm
Weight / section: 17 kg
Storage vol:
(One set, 50 sections)
1.5 m3

Dam height 81 cm

P81 Industrial

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 0.81 m
Section width:
100 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
50 min
(With poly liner)
310 mm
(Only barrier)
88 cm
Weight / section: 22 kg
Storage vol:
(One set, 50 sections)
2.0 m3

Dam height 101 cm

P101 Industrial

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 1.01 m
Section width:
100 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
50 min
(With poly liner)
305 cm
(Only barrier)
114 cm
Weight / section: 27 kg
Storage vol:
(One set, 50 sections)
2.5 m3

Dam height 121 cm

P121 Industrial

Flood Barrier

Max water column: 1.21 m
Section width:
80 cm
Setup time:
(100 meter / 6 personer)
1 h 10 min
(With poly liner)
405 cm
(Only barrier)
145 cm
Weight / section: 33 kg
Storage vol:
(One set, 40 sections)
2.9 m3

FM ANSI 2510-2020 Certified: Lightweight design, yet stable through adversity.

Our Industrial flood barrier is engineered with lightweight components, allowing for quick and efficient setup, transport, and storage without compromising functionality. Despite its lightweight design, this barrier has a high safety margin and is built to withstand strong currents, high water pressure, and additional loads such as waves and floating debris colliding with it at high speeds.

To ensure its reliability, our flood barrier was rigorously tested at the US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory in Vicksburg, MS. The tests were conducted in accordance with the FM ANSI 2510-2020 standard and demonstrated the barrier's capability to withstand the most challenging flood conditions.

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"These flood barriers can go anywhere and they are very effective when they are put in the right place at the right time. Having these mobile barriers allows us to be really flexible."

- Lt Col. Rod Small @ British Armed Forces

Home owner

"It's incredible seeing what a great job those flood defences are doing."

- DrMickSalt @DrMickSalt

Industrial Flood Barriers: Overcoming Fixed Obstacles with Flexible Modules

The Industrial Flood Barrier is designed to tackle challenging conditions, whether caused by infrastructure or natural objects. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can be easily installed around, over, and up against obstacles such as undulations, curbs, walls, and other permanent structures.

Furthermore, all Geodesign Flood Barriers are compatible with each other, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to combining them into various constellations that can be tailored to the specific topography and conditions on site.

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Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0005_Adjustable section

Adjustable section

To create an adjustable section with the Industrial Flood Barrier, begin by laying the metal sheet over the desired section that is less than one meter. Fix one side of the plate in the usual way, and allow the other side to rest on top of the mount button. Next, let the bottom of the panel rest in the slot located by the toe of the metal support. This will ensure that the panel remains securely in position. With these steps, you can create an adjustable section that can be tailored to your specific needs and the unique challenges of your project.

Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0004_Uneven Ground

Uneven ground

To handle sudden shifts in level, such as curbs, steps, or uneven ground, start by placing the sloping beams of the A-frames aligned and their sides flush against each other. Then, clamp together the front beams to ensure that they remain securely in place. Once the A-frames are properly aligned, you can continue building the barrier on the new level. With this technique, you can easily navigate obstacles and uneven terrain to create a sturdy and reliable barrier that meets the specific needs of your project.

Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0003_Corners


The Industrial Flood Barrier features specially designed corner panels that enable sharp 45-degree inner and outer turns. These panels provide the flexibility needed to navigate corners and create a barrier that conforms precisely to the contours of your project site.

Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0002_Connection to wall

Attachment to walls

To achieve a secure fit, adjust the length of the barrier so that it aligns flush against the wall. To attach the barrier safely to a vertical foundation or structure and minimize seepage, we recommend using our wall connection kit. This kit is designed to facilitate a reliable connection between the barrier and the foundation or structure. By utilizing our wall connection kit, you can ensure that your barrier is firmly anchored and capable of providing optimal protection against potential hazards.

Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0001_Compatibility


The Industrial Flood Barrier is not only compatible with other models within the same product family, but it can also be seamlessly integrated with the taller Heavy-Duty series. This compatibility allows for increased flexibility and adaptability in designing flood protection systems, making it easier to customize solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. The Industrial Flood Barrier offers a versatile and reliable solution for protecting your property and assets from flood damage.

Industrial Specially Designed Modules_0000_Bends


Thanks to the flexibility of its modular structure and thin steel panel, the Industrial Flood Barrier enables larger bends with a 90-degree turn radius of 10 meter using only straight sections. This feature makes it easier to design custom flood protection systems that can adapt to the layout of your property and minimize the need for additional components or complex installations.

Four simple steps. One refined solution.

Geodesign's Industrial Flood Barrier has been expertly designed and engineered for quick installation without the need for heavy equipment, tools, or a large workforce. This innovative steel barrier has become a top choice for government entities due to its logistical advantages and unparalleled simplicity.

Industrial Setup_0000_Step 1

Step 1. Place, unfold and lock the metal supports

'To set up the barrier, begin by placing the supports along the intended barrier line, spaced at 1 meter intervals. Then, fold up each support by lifting up the front beam and unfolding the support beam. After fully extending the support beam, locate the snap lock at the bottom of the support beam and use it to lock the support in an upright position with the bottom beam. This will help ensure the barrier's integrity before the water rises and provide stability.

Industrial Setup_0001_Step 2

Step 2. Mount the metal sheets

Hang the panels between the frames by sliding the cutout over the protruding mount knobs on the supports and overlapping the neighboring panels.

Industrial Setup_0002_Step 3

Step 3. Roll out the membrane

To install the membrane, roll it out along the barrier and secure it in place using panel clips at the top of the barrier. Then, attach a chain to the outer edge of the membrane on the ground and fasten it securely with cable ties.

Industrial Setup_0003_Step 4

Step 4. Self anchored with water

Allow the flood water to rise onto the barrier to generate the necessary pressure to self-anchor the system. This process ensures that the barrier is firmly secured in place and can withstand the pressure of rising water levels.

Environment Agency

"There are many places where you can't build permanent defenses and in that case temporary barriers like this can make a real difference and the thing about these these new ones (Geodesign Industrial Flood Barrier) that we've acquired is that they're lighter and quicker to assemble so it will enable us to be even faster next time we need to respond."

- Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the EA, UK

Forces News

”The speed at which this barrier (Geodesign Industrial Flood Barrier) has gone up is quite astounding. The guys after just a little bit of training have put up well 30 40 50 meters in only about 20 minutes.”

- Tim Cooper, Forces News, UK

Designing for Efficiency and Reliability: The Industrial Flood Barrier's Lightweight and Durable Construction

The Industrial Flood Barrier is an exceptional system that has been carefully crafted with the use of premium Swedish SSAB steel, resulting in a perfect balance of lightweight construction and remarkable durability. The team at Geodesign has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and through ongoing dialogue with clients, the system has been continually refined and improved to ensure optimal deployment efficiency.

Every component of the Industrial Flood Barrier has been designed with the primary goal of simplifying and accelerating deployment. As a result, this robust and secure system has achieved FM certification, ensuring its reliability and safety. Incredibly, a team of just 20 people can deploy 1,000 meters of the P101 system in less than an hour, showcasing the system's unparalleled speed and effectiveness.

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Design Features_0001_Friction collars

1. Friction collars

To enhance the grip and stability of the bottom beam, punched metal collars have been added underneath. These collars work by increasing the friction between the beam and the ground surface providing the necessary stability to ensure the structure's integrity and safety.

Design Features_0002_Mount button

2. Metal Sheet Lock

As shown in the illustration, our smart and innovative solution provides a simple and efficient method for fixing the Industrial metal sheet to the Metal Support. The solution features a keyhole design that allows for easy threading over the mounting button and a straightforward push-down installation to a fixed position.


3. Lightweight Metal Sheet

Our 1 mm thick sheet made from hot-dipped galvanized special steel features dual-phase steel from Swedish SSAB, providing excellent stretchable qualities and high strength. With a weight of only 12 kg, it is easy to handle and install, making it ideal for applications that require both strength and ease of use.

Design Features_0001_Panel clip

4. Panel clip

Our panel clip is an easy-to-use solution for securely fastening the membrane to the barrier. With a simple and intuitive design, this clip can be quickly and easily applied by pressing it down over the membrane and the metal panel. This user-friendly clip ensures that the membrane remains firmly in place, providing enhanced safety and security.

Industrial Design Features – System

5. Triangular Industrial metal support

Featuring a collapsible and stackable design, our triangular metal supports provide increased user-friendliness and optimal storage. The support beam efficiently transfers water pressure to the bottom beam, which includes punched friction collars for enhanced stability.

Design Features_0000_Snap Lock

6. Spring-loaded snap-lock

Our outer support beam is equipped with a spring-loaded snap-lock for easy and tool-free securing in the upright position. This streamlined process saves time and effort while ensuring a secure and reliable structure before water enters the barrier, providing enhanced stability and safety.


7. High strength steel

To guarantee long-lasting durability, we use high-strength steel for all components that experience high loads. To provide additional protection against corrosion, we hot-dip galvanize these components, ensuring an outstanding level of resistance to environmental wear and tear. This approach maximizes the lifespan of our components, ensuring that they remain reliable and perform optimally for an extended period of time.


8. Plastic membrane

Optimally sized and quality laminated, our laminate-coated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material minimizes leakage and maximizes self-anchoring forces. Its durable laminate coating ensures a reliable and long-lasting solution for containing liquids and creating a secure barrier. With its enhanced durability, this material is ideal for a wide range of applications that require high-quality containment solutions.


9. Handle

Specially designed nylon strap minimizes accidents during the unfolding of the metal support, ensuring safe and effective deployment.


10. Chain - DIN 763

To secure the membrane before water enters the barrier, our system is equipped with a 12 mm x 5 m galvanized steel chain, including carabiners. This effective and reliable solution ensures that the membrane remains securely in place, providing enhanced stability and safety to the system during operation.

Industrial metal crate

Everything You Need for Installation in One Convenient Crate

The Industrial Flood Barrier is delivered, transported and stored in a special crate designed to fit all components needed to install 50 meters of a complete barrier. The crate is divided into separate compartments and both short sides have detachable gates that ease and speed up loading and unloading. A fully loaded crate weighs up to 1386 kilograms and can be moved with a pallet jack. The outer dimensions vary between the models and all crates are stackable three high.

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Folded Industrial metal support

50 pcs

An industrial metal crate contains 50 folded metal supports arranged in three rows. The first two rows have 17 supports each, while the third row has 16 supports, totaling to 50 supports.


Plastic membrane

1 pcs á 50 meter

Plastic membrane are folded 4 times and rolled. Stored upright in the Industrial metal crate.



20 pcs á 5 meter

Chain of 5 meters with carabiners at the ends.


Steel sheet

50 pcs

The metal sheets are vertically arranged and tightly packed together to minimize the space they occupy.


Cable ties

1 pack á 100 pcs

The pack contains 100 cable ties that are intended for single-use and cannot be re-used.


Panel clip

50 pcs

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