Defending Ilkley from the Ravages of Storm Dennis (1)

Defending Ilkley from the Ravages of Storm Dennis

Ilkley, a picturesque town nestled in Yorkshire, became the center of concerted efforts to counter the threat of Storm Dennis.


Location: Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environmental Agency

In mid-February, as the storm clouds of Dennis loomed ominously, swift action was taken in Ilkley. The Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood barrier started its deployment, targeting areas at heightened risk of flooding. As the rising waters threatened to breach their banks, a collaborative effort saw Bradford District Council, the Environment Agency, and 4 Infantry Brigade join forces.

Soldiers from both the 4 Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and 4 Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment were on hand, working diligently to erect a monumental 700m long Geodesign Industrial P101 temporary flood barrier. The protective line spanned both Denton Road and Middleton Avenue, acting as a bulwark against the oncoming deluge.

Defending Ilkley from the Ravages of Storm Dennis – 2

The Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood barrier seamlessly follows the bend of Denton Road's pavement in Ilkley, showcasing its flexibility as a top-tier flood protection solution. This deployment stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Environment Agency, Bradford District Council, and military units in their rapid response to Storm Dennis.

Colonel Nigel Rhodes, the Deputy Commander of 4 Infantry Brigade and HQ North East, expressed his commitment and that of his brigade, remarking, “Troops will remain on task as long as required. 4 Infantry Brigade, hailing from Catterick, has always been devoted to serving the communities of Yorkshire and the North East. It's a privilege for us to play our part, reinforcing the swift response from civil agencies.”

This gesture reaffirms the dedication and resilience of both the military and civil agencies, coming together to protect communities during times of need.

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