Witney Welcomes Prime Minister to Showcase Geodesign Barrier’s Potential

Witney Welcomes PM to Showcase Geodesign Barrier's Potential

In a show of support for community-driven flood protection initiatives, the then sitting Prime Minister visited Witney, underscoring the need for innovative flood mitigation solutions. His engagement with the Geodesign Barrier and its local proponents provides a promising look into the future of UK's flood management strategies.


Location: Witney, West Oxfordshire, UK
Model: Heavy Duty Flood Barrier
Client: Environmental Agency

In a significant move that brings attention to community resilience and progressive flood protection measures, Witney, a town often grappling with flood challenges, saw its residents being equipped with a novel temporary Geodesign Barrier. This action, supported by both the Oxfordshire County Council and Witney District Council, is designed to enable quick and efficient responses when facing imminent flood threats.

The notable aspect of the barrier's deployment training was the attendance of the sitting Prime Minister at the time, who also represented Witney in Parliament. Committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of his constituents, the Prime Minister made it a point to be present during this pivotal training.

Witney Welcomes Prime Minister to Showcase Geodesign Barrier’s Potential – 2

Then Prime Minister David Cameron actively engages with the Geodesign Barrier, applying a sealer clip to secure the poly membrane during his visit to Witney, emphasizing hands-on community involvement in flood prevention.

Throughout the event, the Prime Minister engaged thoroughly with Britt Warg, the UK Manager for Geodesign Barriers, and the community members. With keen interest, he explored the barrier's functionalities and even participated by applying a sealer clip to it, drawing a light-hearted comparison to the assembly of a Meccano set.

Positioned as a forward-thinking and effective alternative, especially during times when traditional flood mitigation methods face potential delays, the Geodesign Barrier was championed by the Prime Minister. He acknowledged several other locations within his constituency that could benefit from this kind of protective measure. Additionally, he was introduced to a strategic proposal by Geodesign Barriers on how such innovative techniques could redefine flood management throughout the UK.

Witney Welcomes Prime Minister to Showcase Geodesign Barrier’s Potential – 3

Britt Warg, Geodesign's representative, shares essential insights with then Prime Minister David Cameron on the functionality and benefits of the Geodesign Barrier during his visit to Witney.

The day's events emphasized the power of community-led efforts, particularly in disaster preparedness and response. The Prime Minister's active involvement not only showcased the significance of proactive solutions like the Geodesign Barrier but also highlighted the crucial role of community involvement and leadership in adopting and championing such groundbreaking solutions.

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