Boris Johnson Lauds Environment Agency’s Flood Preparations Amid Storm Christoph Threat

Boris Johnson Praises Flood Preparations for Storm Christoph

Amid the looming threat of Storm Christoph, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson praises the Environment Agency's proactive flood preparations, singling out the pivotal role of Geodesign Industrial Flood Barriers in safeguarding homes in Greater Manchester.


Location: Manchester, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environmental Agency

MANCHESTER, UK - Amid growing concerns surrounding the imminent threat of Storm Christoph, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a visit to Greater Manchester to express his gratitude to the Environment Agency (EA) for their outstanding flood preparations.

Speaking in front of Geodesign Industrial Flood Barriers, Johnson highlighted the challenges posed by annual flooding and voiced his deep concern. "We're very worried about the risk of flooding every year," he said, alluding to the numerous residents who were alerted overnight about potential flooding dangers.

Drawing attention to the EA’s commitment to public safety, Johnson appreciated their "amazing preparations". He noted the agency's ability to deploy effective measures, including sluice gates and emergency flood defenses. These measures have played a crucial role in protecting the homes of many. "10,000 homes in the magistrate area have been shielded from flooding as a direct result of what they've been doing overnight," Johnson stated.

His visit was particularly timely, as many residents of the area had just received notices to evacuate their homes due to flooding risks. Emphasising the importance of readiness, Johnson said, "There will be further rain next week. So it's vital that people in potentially affected areas follow the advice and get the Environment Agency flood alerts."

The Geodesign Barriers have been a pivotal part of EA’s flood defense strategy, representing an innovative solution to the ever-growing concern of annual flooding in various parts of the UK.

Johnson also took the opportunity to encourage residents to avail themselves of EA's flood alert app, which offers real-time updates on potential flooding hazards.

Storm Christoph, which has already made its presence known in many parts of the UK, is predicted to intensify over the coming week. As agencies and emergency services brace for its impact, the concerted efforts of the EA have been commended for potentially saving countless homes and lives.

Concluding his address, Johnson expressed his gratitude not just to the Environment Agency but also to the emergency services and police for their unwavering dedication.

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