Geodesign Flood Barriers Prove Effective in Ironbridge Amidst Severn Surge

Geodesign Barriers Effective in Ironbridge Flood Surge

The recent flooding of the river Severn in Ironbridge, Shropshire, highlighted the effectiveness of the Geodesign Heavy Duty Flood Barriers. Installed following Met Office warnings of a wet Christmas, these temporary barriers successfully held back the rising river, which reached a peak of 6.33 meters. The Geodesign Barriers have protected this UNESCO World Heritage site and local community since 2004.

Publicerad 2024-01-09


Location: Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK
Model: Heavy Duty
Client: Environment Agency

IRONBRIDGE, SHROPSHIRE - The recent challenges posed by the rising river Severn put the spotlight on the effectiveness of Geodesign Heavy Duty Flood Barriers in Ironbridge. These temporary flood barriers, installed in response to Met Office flood warnings predicting heavy rainfall over the Christmas period, have been instrumental in protecting this historic UNESCO World Heritage site, its residents and businesses.

Geodesign Flood Barriers Prove Effective in Ironbridge Amidst Severn Surge – 2

Geodesign Heavy Duty Flood Barriers effectively holding back the rising waters of the mighty river Severn along the Wharfage in Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK, demonstrating their essential role in safeguarding the local community during severe flooding.

The installation of these temporary barriers along the Wharfage in Ironbridge was a pre-emptive move by the Environment Agency, led by Area Incident Manager Nick Green. The Agency's strategy focused on readiness, deploying barriers well in advance to ensure they were operational when needed, while allowing staff to manage the crisis without sacrificing their holiday period.

The Geodesign Barriers' design, known for their robustness and ease of assembly, was crucial in responding to the rapidly changing situation. Green emphasised the importance of considering various environmental factors, such as the potential for high winds, when deploying the barriers. Their modular nature allowed for quick adaptation to the river's escalating levels, which reached a peak of 6.33 meters at the nearby Buildwas gauge.

Nick Green, Area Incident Manager at the Environment Agency, details the efforts in setting up and monitoring these temporary flood defences.

This flooding incident in Ironbridge demonstrates the growing need for effective flood defence systems like Geodesign Flood Barriers, especially in areas prone to recurring and increasingly severe flood events. Their successful deployment underlines the importance of advanced planning, swift action, and the use of technologically sound flood management solutions to protect communities and heritage sites from the increasingly unpredictable forces of nature.

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