Ribchester’s Resilience – A Tale of Two Floods

Ribchester's Resilience: A Tale of Two Floods

The famed Ribchester Arms on Blackburn Road in Ribchester faced a devastating blow during a Boxing Day flood, resulting in a closure of 101 days. As history threatened to repeat itself with Storm Ciara on the horizon, local authorities and agencies sprang into action, utilizing modern flood defence technology to safeguard the iconic pub and its neighbouring properties.


Location: Ribchester, Lancashire, UK
Model: P101 Industrial
Client: Environmental Agency

Located in the quaint village of Ribchester, the Ribchester Arms has long stood as a symbol of community and camaraderie. However, nature has, on occasion, presented this beloved establishment with significant challenges. On a Boxing Day, the waters rose, and the Ribchester Arms faced extensive damage, compelling its closure for over three months.

Fast forward to early February, and the spectre of flooding loomed large once more. With Storm Ciara approaching, the Ribchester Arms, along with several homes on Greenside, confronted the possibility of another inundation.

However, local residents and businesses wouldn't be left to fend for themselves. On 14th February, just days before the expected deluge from Storm Dennis, the Environment Agency, with assistance from Geodesign Barriers, proactively deployed the Industrial P101 Flood barrier in Ribchester. Designed to shield a total of 24 properties from the impending waters, the defence mechanism stood as a bulwark, ensuring the safety and security of the village pub and its neighbouring residences.

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Preparedness on display in Ribchester: The Geodesign Industrial P101 Flood Barrier stands firm against potential flooding, safeguarding the iconic Ribchester Arms and its neighbouring properties.

While these preventive measures were in place, nature had other plans. The barriers, despite their readiness, remained untouched by the floodwaters and were disassembled on 16th February.

Yet, Ribchester wasn't the only area grappling with the consequences of relentless rainfall. Rivers Ribble, Calder, and Derwent set new records owing to the sustained wet weather. Responding to the widespread distress, the Environment Agency mobilized a vast team nationwide. Their tasks varied from operating flood defences, deploying temporary pumps, clearing debris from the rivers, to inspecting and repairing damaged flood defences. In a remarkable display of preparedness and determination, the Environment Agency's operational teams erected over 6km of temporary flood barriers across various vulnerable locations.

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